Five Ways Your Hands are Making you Look Older and How to Fix them

When it comes to anti-aging routine, we all tend to focus more on the facial products from sunscreens to hydrating creams and wrinkle removing serumes but a few of us would pay attention to our hands.
Hands can very well give a good idea of age and if you leave them age, it can be hard to restore their youthful look.
Here’s common ways your hands look old and how to improve the condition fast.

1- Age, Sun Spots.

Age spots are brown spots that appear on the hands due to long exposure to the sun. generally people 50 years or older can experience age spots in their hands but sometimes younger people can have them. If you spend prolonged time exposed to the UV rays and you have a light complexion make sure to always apply sunscreen on your hands and reapply whenever you wahs your hands.
To get rid of already existing age spots, use an over-the-counter fade cream that contains 2% hydroquinone. Make sure you follow the correct way of using fade creams since they are basically bleaching creams.

2- Wrinkly Hands.

The skin on your hands can appear thin and wrinkly due to several factors. This could be an annoying problem for many people because it is a clear indicator of age. If the skin on your hands started to look crepey ask your dermatologist if a retinoid cream would help the case and start using it.
A retinoid cream will help improve the collagen production in your skin which in turn will imporove the thickness and fullness of your skin.

3- Dry Scaly Skin.

People of all ages can get dry scaly skin on the hands especially during the winter months. If you leave the problem without treating it, your skin will end up looking dull and lifeless.
To improve the condition use a scrub to get rid of dead skin cells then follow with a heavy-duty moisturizer to nourish the skin. You can put on some gloves overnight to let the moisturizer penetrates deeply into your skin cells and you should wake up with super soft hands.

4- Stained Brittle Nails.

Your nails can also make you look older than you are. If your nails are stained brown or yellow, check with your dermatologist to treat any possible fungal infection.
If they are just brittle or there,s no infection, then it could be smoking, using chemicals frequently like dish liquids and soaps or nail polish the culpirts.
You can rub your nails daily with lemon to remove the stain.
However if your nails seem weaker and they break easily, then make sure you are taking your vitamins and minerals especially calcium, magnesium and biotin, overtime the condition should be better.

5- Visible Veins.

Unfortunately this problem is not exactly resolvable with products or topical ointments. Only very prominent viens can be removed surgically. If you feel very self-concious abput how your hands look, try a heavy-duty concealer to hide the viens on your hands. The downside is that you may have to reapply everytime you wash your hands.
Five Ways Hands Making Look Older How to Fix

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