Five Unexpected Risk Factors of Heart Diseases

The American Heart Association declared that almost half the adult population in the USA have some sort of cardiovascular disease. While you may be familiar with the best steps to reduce your risks of cardiovascular diseases or prevent any possible deterioration like exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, quitting smoking and alcohol drinking. There are other unexpected factors however that could be impacting your heart health. Here’s the sneaky factors you are not aware of.

1- Loneliness. Yes you heard that right, in a research conducted by York university abstract people who are lonly or have fewer social connections where 29 percent at a higher risk of developing a heart disease and 32% more likely to have a stroke in comparison to people who had lots of social ties with other people.

On the other hand in a found that elderly people who lived with a partner were 28% less likely to die of a ischaemic heart disease than those who lived alone.
Loneliness can cause depression wich is another risk factor of heart diseases or increase inflammation levels that also up the odds of having heart diseases.

2- You are a Night Owl.
If you prefer to sleep during the day time rather than the night or you can’t get seven to eight hours of sleep during the night for any reason, bags under your eyes will not be your only problem.
Insufficient sleep or frequent waking during the night can raise your stress levels, blood pressure and heart rate all of which are strong factors for heart diseases.
Plus, when your body is always on a high alert instead of rest you will not be able to keep up with other healthy habits like exercising and healthy eating.
Your body needs a good nighttime rest to riplenish itself. The immune system becomes more active during the night to fight off diseases.
Hearing all that, maybe it is time to rearrange your nighttime routine.

3- You Just Been Through a Trumatic Event.

Experiencing a traumatic event like death of a dear person or car accident won’t only have an impact on your health on the short term only.
Going through a highly traumatic event can increase stress levels enough to cause an adrenaline surge that stays elevated along with heart rate and blood pressure.
A 2017 study  found that women who lived through three or more life traumatic events had their inner arteries and blood vessels lining thinner and not functioning as proper as women who had fewer or no such events in their life time.
Such traumatic experiences are linked to higher risks of coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

4- You Had Pregnancy Complications.

While your pregnancy period should be a phase that has no serious effect on your heart on the long run. Studies link pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes, spontaneous preterm delivery, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia or eclampsia to heightened risk of cardiovascular diseases.

5- You Have a Poor Oral Hygiene.

The state of your teeth and gums is related to your risk of developing heart diseases. According to studies . When your gums are always inflamed and bleeding, that allows bacteria to enter the bloodstream through the gums which then make a chance for inflammations and heart diseases to initiate. Regular brushing and flossing however is linked with lower risks of new cardiovascular events.

6- You Love Fried Foods.

Fried foods like French fried, fried children or fish all contribute to heart diseases and death. In a 2019 study . postmenopausal women who ate fried chicken once a week were 12 percent more likely to die of a heart disease in comparison to women who ate none.
Additionally, women who ate fried fish or shellfish once a week were also at a 13 percent increased risk of dying by a cardiovascular disease when compared to women who ate non.
study that lasted 8 years by the University of Oxford Unexpected Risk Factors of Heart Diseases

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