interior design 2021

Modern Old Victorian House Designs by Tim Newbold

From London in Grayling Road we are going to show nice Victorian house old in three floors, it is redesigned by Tim Newbold of the design company Domus. He used the ally way between houses in incredible way and functional style, it used as an entrance and stairs with nice and cute painted brickwork on the outside.

If you took quick look inside the house you will see a fantastic living room with comfort sofa in gray color with floor in parquet. Kitchen so nice with nice island has oven and has great view for green garden and trees, dining room is open with kitchen in glass with 6 chairs.

Bedroom with simple bed and nice mirror above it with nice two big windows also there is simple rug in floor and nice simple dresser with four drawers. Bathroom is nice with shower cabin and nice 2 sinks from small tiles. Really it is nice house with old shape with nice modern interior design; you can check photos below to find nice photos for old Victorian residence with modern style .

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