interior design 2021

Modern Pure White Dream House Design Ideas

Today we are going to show you an awesome house called the Kanalia Hill house, it is in white , it looks like dream house for anybody, it is located in place where sun always shine.

Its exterior and interior designs are fantastic, when you took a quick look outside the house you will feel that you live in past with its fantastic panoramic view, when you go outside you find that you come back to simple with its modern furniture and fairy tale look.

You can see how this house contain a fantastic terrace with its modern white sofas and nice white middle table, also bedroom painted in white all the house painted in white, bed has very nice simple white curtain and there is 2 nice modern chairs unique with its shape with nice small round table and floor made from wood.

Bathroom also in modern style with its nice white sink and nice white cabins, dinning room also made in white color with 9 chairs; also you can notice that there are very nice chandlers with nice shape of balls, there is a nice wall full of frames and nice mirrors add very nice touch, with a fantastic white sofa with its pillows.

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