interior design 2021

Modern Interior Doors for Contemporary Houses

Doors play a major role in interior decoration; contemporary door models are designed to be practical as well as decorative. Check out this collection of beautiful doors for your modern interior.

Flush doors, grooved, with window, with aluminum, brass or glass inlay, and the latest trend: glossy lacquered doors … contemporary doors come in a variety of different designs. You can choose between a huge range of colors (190 colors available in Lapeyre for example).

You can choose two different colors, one per side.Or in a kitchen, an office or nursery, ask a slate face in order to write on.If the small-paned glass doors have been fashionable for a long time, they are now replaced by the all-glass door (tempered glass for safety reasons). Simple, sleek, they allow entering maximum light in the room while providing sound insulation.

The doors of a width of 93 cm or more are also very popular and often recommended by interior designers. They bring a real personality to the opening that matches with many contemporary interiors.And for more originality, the doors with aluminum or leather details, and those ones with fabric covers will bring a very stylish look to the place.

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