interior design 2021

Modern House with Large Garage Designs

Today we will represent you a house with a story, this house has a lovely story that his owner required to has his house with 9 car garage and can see one of them in his living room, also he required a tall tree also in his living room.

The designer Takuya Tsuchida , make his wish come true in just 2000 square feet of land , he use really very unique design and floor layer to make all his wishes come true , of course it was so difficult to get permit for building with this requirements, but at the end they do it, the owner now can see his Lamborghin from his living room as he wish , the interior design is so incredible it is open, modern and so simple , in the middle you can see the tall tree of living room , the chandler of the living room is an incredible piece with brown , black, white , yellow colors as a balloons.

Really it is nice thing that you see your dream come true.

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