interior design 2021

Modern Front Door Designs 2021

Changing the interior door without big effort; this is what this collection presents within a large variety of customized wooden doors for all modern interiors. An Ideal solution for renovation, this new collection of custom wood doors avoids heavy work such as installation of plaster, paint or wallpaper.

The doors are supplied with a renovation frame in MDF that screws directly onto the old frame. The new frame completely covers the old one with a super clear finish. The installation is performed by a specialist; after he takes the sizes, He easily removes the old door and installs the new one. This new collection of interior doors is available in four ranges: “Traditional oak”, “Classic Beech”, “Classic lacquered” and “Contemporary”.

For each style, there is the possibility to customize the door according to your taste using two types of finishes: lacquer and color. The range “Oak” comes in clear lacquer or rustic, the range “Beech” comes in colorless lacquer or light cherry.

“Classic lacquered” doors are available in six colors (white, ivory, gray, gray, beige and brown). As for accessories, this collection is available with 8 models of handles. You can also choose door models with glass, but it will be an option.

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