interior design 2021

Modern Dream House Interior Designing

oday we are going to show you house in pure and clean modern designed with sustainable principles, this house located in Attica, Greece, designed by architect Nikos Koukourakis and his associates. It is an awesome house with two levels, you can see living room in the ground with very modern furniture consisting of 2 sofas in gray color and black leather chair can turn to nice chaise long with dark blue rug in floor made of wood, there are 2 big windows to let light come in and see the beautiful outside for pool, the fireplace is wonderful in very modern style.

Bedroom is nice and modern with simple bed with nice fantastic rug consisting of many circles.You can see also nice simple white table with 4 chairs outside the house see the pool, you can notice that windows made from aluminum with a thermal break system and triplex glass, this kind of windows allow heat not to escape from the house and you can feel warm because of lots of energy saved in the house in winter months. It is so fantastic house and pure one with clean lines.

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