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How To Style Your Villa Before Letting It Out

Letting out a villa can be a great way to earn some extra money when you are not using the property yourself. However, you might want to brush up on the décor before you let it out – after all, your tastes and preferences might not appeal to potential renters.

1) Taking care of the basics
Firstly, you should take a tour around your home and try to look at it with fresh eyes. Are there any cracked tiles in the bathroom? Do you notice any patches of flaking paint? Could any metalwork do with a quick polish? Simply taking care of these small issues can make your villa much more appealing. Looking at your whole villa with a critical eye will also allow you to decide if any more major changes need to be made.

2) Try for an overall design scheme
While you do not have to theme your entire house with matching ornaments, paints and furniture, a few elements of a theme can make your villa seem well-loved and pleasing to the eye.

a) Standalone Design Schemes for Every Room
You can make sure that each room has its own aesthetic, with every item chosen to bring the room together. For example, you might have one room with autumnal tones and another with more of a spring atmosphere.

b) A Common Theme Throughout the Villa
Alternatively, you can have a more minimalist design, but with an overall theme that is picked up in each room. This is a good way to tie your location into your interior design. For example, a seaside villa might have a few maritime elements in each room, such as a coffee-table display of seashells in the living room and seaside paintings in the bedrooms. Alternatively, a woodland villa could use wood and tree imagery to pick up on the beauty of its surroundings.

3) Add finishing touches
It truly is the little things that make the biggest difference. A home can be beautifully painted with lovely furniture, but without a few extra touches it will seem bare and sterile. Something as simple as a few new ornaments or some vases full of dried or artificial flowers can make your villa seem much more beautiful and inviting. Consider investing in new, matching bed linen and towels. These little finishing touches help to bring everything else together so that renters will feel immersed in a well-cared for, aesthetically pleasing environment.

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