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Contemporary Handrail Decoration Ideas 2021

Handrails are necessary to secure climbing the stairs and prevent the risk of falling, but they can equally be a decorative element in itself. Those are 5 different handrail designs to satisfy all interior styles.

The solid oak handrail is perfect for classic decorating style; whether in arched forms or in wrought iron columns, it brings an elegant look and a warm atmosphere to the place.In loft designs, black color is usually used to emphasize the decorative elements.

Handrails in a loft should follow the same rule, dressed in black with stainless steel stairs is an excellent choice to create the attractive contrast between black & steel.Spiral stairs are usually used to save space, but they also bring an esthetic look; handrails will have a design following the spiral form of stairs.

For materials and colors; opt for lacquered black metal.For a stylish contemporary ambience, minimalist stainless steel handrails look amazing. For more elegancy yet modernity; combine it with transparent glass.

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