Common Causes your Nose is Dripping Nonstop and How to get a Releif

When you catch a cold or flu, you probably end up buying the entire supply of paper tissues from the nearest drugstore so you can keep your drippy nostrile dry. When you are sick, you at least know it is a matter of time until your infection cleares up and your nose feel all clear and dry again. However, when your nostrils are always runny and you don’t have the flu it can be frustrating.

Actually there are several factors that could cause your nose to run like allergies, certain types of food and anything that could irritate your sinus cavity or the nerves in your nose.

In normal timesm the lining of your nasal and sinus cavity ( sinonasal mucosa) can produce up to a quart of mucus per day. Usually the mucus will flow to the back of the nose and then down the throat and you wont notice it. However, in some cases and due to a trigger, your nose can end up produce way more mucus and if that happens, it is essentially to figure out the trigger because different causes require different treastments.

vasomotor rhinitis for example which is chronic runny nose can be treated with a surgery while other cases can be alleviated by following certain steps.
Here are the most common causes of a runny nose and how to get a relief.

1- The Common Cold.

When the cold-causing virus enters your body it triggers inflammations of the cells in the nasal cavity which includes the over production of mucus.
Usually with a normal cold the mucus is generally clear and watery. Other symptoms include watery eyes, congested nose and sore throat.

How to get a Relief. Unfortunally there’s no cure for a common cold but you can get a relief by taking over-the-counter cold meds like paracetamol, decongestant, antihistamine and make sure to stay hydrated.

2- Sinus Infection.

When your cold is paired with a fever, fatiguem body aches and yellow/green discharge running from your nose, you are probably dealing with a case of sinus infection. With a sinus infection you can also experience a postnasal drip where the mucus drains to the back of the throat.

How to Get a Relief. Since sinus infections are mostly bacterial , your doctor would prescribe you an antibiotic and OTC decongestant.

3- An Allergic Reaction.

your nose would become runny if exposed to an allergan or irritant, if the exposure is acute and your allergy is high, you can experience red swollen nose, runny nose and fequent sneezing.

How to Get a Relief. Antihistamine meds will be your savior in such situations since they work on stopping the histamin reaction and reduce allergic response.

4- Eating Spicy Foods.

Sometimes your runny nose can be due to what you ate. Some foods especially spicy foods cause the nerves in the sinonasal cavity to be stimulated resulting in the over-production of clear water mucus.

How to Get a Relief.The best way to avoid the reaction to spicy foods is by skipping spicy foods all together, however if it happened and you indulged, prescription sprays can soothe the nerves that fire up by spicy foods.

5- Nasal Polyps.

Nasal polyps is a medical condition in which small yellow growths take place in the nasal cavity made up of inflammatory cells and can lead to chronic runny nose.
If you have them, you may experience a declined sense of smell, difficulties breathing and facial pressure. Doctors are not sure what causes them in the first place but they seem to be associated with frequent infections and allergies.

How to Get a Relief. Small polyps can be treated unsurgically with steroidal meds but if the polys continue to grow and hinder your breathing or sense of smell, there are surgeries that can be performed to remove these growth.
Causes Nose is Dripping Nonstop How to get a Releif Causes Nose is Dripping Nonstop How to get a Releif

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