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Blue Interior Decorating Ideas 2021

Today we are going to show nice different schemes for blue color hope to be inspiring for people love this nice color. In the photos below you can see different schemes to match different tastes like sky blue+green and yellow, it is very wonderful combination between three colors make you feel happy and cheerful, using sky blue as walls color and yellow in chairs with beautiful green table blanket and fantastic curtain with three colors give you very cheerful dinning room with nice blue table set.

Other scheme contain crulean + sate + mahogany colors create very rich look with its dark colors, how beautiful to have dark brown wall with nice round glass table with four brown chairs with blue covers with nice semi-gloss paint is a popular choice for dining room walls, also honey colored rug in floor give very beautiful touch to this dining room .

Also other scheme of blue is china blue +rosy beige , it is fantastic combination with nice rosy beige walls and white two sofas and white fireplace that allows china blue to have nice touch in this living room, also the striped curtain in white and blue add fantastic touch to place. In photos below you can find other different schemes for blue color that can inspiring you to decorate your different rooms in your house.

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