interior design 2021

Beautiful Architecture Using The Topography As An Ally

Today we are going to show you nice house located in Chicago, Illinois, in this house you can notice that it is consisting of nice and contemporary glass boxes, For privacy designer used translucent glass to keep privacy and allows the soft light fill in the place.

It designed by Peter Gluck and Partners, it also built towards Lake Michigan, you can notice how the glass every where, the ground floor is open, you can see the living room open with dinning room, living room has nice sofa with nice chairs , dinning room has white table with 7 chairs, it has fantastic crystal modern chandler .

Kitchen is open with other living room it has 2 island; the other living room has very comfort sofa and big black table in middle. It has nice roof that you can see the lake view and enjoy it with family or friends, there is pool inside the house, and also you can find basketball, gym, steam room, and changing facilities. It is nice and fantastic house using the topography as an ally.

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